Just starting up?
☞ You'll need profits.

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Retailers • Online Merchants • Direct-to-Consumer
Independent "small retailer?"
☞ You'll need profits, too.
Retailers • Online Merchants • Direct-to-Consumer
Growing, expanding retailer?
☞ You'll surely need profits!
Retailers • Online Merchants • Direct-to-Consumer
Whatever your stage of growth...
You've come to the right place!
Grow your Retail Profit-ABILITY!
Retailers • Online Merchants • Direct-to-Consumer

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Be our guest! Try our Four Month PROFITS Outlook calculator for free!

See in just minutes: Any profits ahead for your business? When? 

It takes just a few entries. Immediately, you'll see whether that combination of sales, margins and expenses would generate a profit over those four months. 

If not? Well, now's the time to consider a Plan B, right? 

Watch this short (and silent) video to see how it works. 

go here to get your free accessFree Access - Four Month PROFITS Outlook

Much More for Retailers Like You

The Retailer's PROFITS Center includes unlimited access to all three of the PROFITS Center Calculators.

Four Month PROFITS Outlook
✔︎ Perfect for focusing on an upcoming season

PROFITS Forecaster | Trend Tracker
✔︎ Makes it easy to monitor & manage expenses

PROFITS Calculator | YTD Tracker
✔︎ See what running totals for each month might be

Remarkable  time-saving tools for retailers. Plus, empowering How-To Profit Resources. 

All backed by our pledge that "Everyone can 'get it!'" 

The PROFITS Center – used and loved by retailers worldwide! 

Get it all! Unlimited access, 24/7. On your schedule. Only $19.95 per month!

Unmatched How-To Info & Resources

Just starting up? You'll need profits. Independent "small retailer?" You'll need profits, too. Growing, expanding retailer? You'll surely need profits!    Whatever your stage of've come to the right place! Grow your Retail Profit-ABILITY!

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About the PROFITS Trend Tracker


The PROFITS Trend Tracker is a special retail Profit & Loss projecting tool developed by The Retail Owners Institute specifically for retailers and The Retailers PROFITS Center.


All the formulas are built-in. No spreadsheets for you to have to set up. Available online, 24/7. 

Nothing to install! It just works!


In just minutes, see whether your planned combination of sales, margins and expenses would produce a profit for your business.


  • You enter the numbers you likely already know: what you expect Sales and Gross Margin percents to be each month.
  • The Expenses go in very quickly, by "buckets" (aka major categories.)
    (Use the SPEEDY Expense Analyzer – "the Bucketizer" –  to sort your numbers, if need be. It happens very quickly.) 

  • 5 minutes - maximum - for the inputs. Really!






Plus, see "the Big Picture" of the year's expenses, including as a percent of sales. 

Makes comparisons to prior years much easier (what are the trends?) 

Readily identify trouble spots – and opportunities. 


more info about Profit Planning INPUTS

more info about Expense "BUCKETS"


more info about Profit Planning INPUTS

more info about Expense "BUCKETS"


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