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To your thriving retail operation...

You need to "see" ahead. 

To consider "What if I...?" 

And see in advance "Would that be profitable?!"

The Retailer's PROFITS Center will be your friend at every step!


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Whether start-up or advanced. 

How-to profit training and

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I. Just Starting Up? (You'll need profits!)

Every dream can be realized with enough luck, perseverence...and this website!

While there's much information out there about "small business", there is very little about the special requirements of retail businesses. 

That's where this site comes in. It makes the financial know-how needed for profitability readily accessible to any retailer, anywhere. 

Think of it as sharpening your retail Profit–ABILITY.  (make it happen faster)


II. Established "Small Retailer?" (You'll need profits!)

"If you think being small means you can't have an impact,

try going to bed with a mosquito."

---Anita Roddick, Founder, The Body Shop

The world likes to talk about "small retailers." Hmm.

Here's our view: every retailer faces the same strategic management issues, no matter how big or small their sales volume. And none of these is a "small" issue!

This Retailers PROFITS Center provides the time-saving tools and how-to resources to level that playing field. Knowledge is power!

(see how to save time and worry less)


III. Growing/Expanding Retailer? (You'll surely need profits!)



(see what's best for expanding retailers)


Look at all you can get. 

Unlimited access to time-saving online profit-planning calculators for retailers; 

Empowering How-To Profit Kits, packed with explanatory articles, lively Co-Founders webinars, self-paced online training courses, glossary of retail financial terms. And yes, much more! 


SPECIAL Access – 15 how-to resources; click for details – is great for Start-Up Retailers and Small Retailers 

DELUXE Access – 24 time-saving resources; click for info. A great answer for Small Retailers and Growing/Expanding Retailers

Whichever plan you choose (compare), have confidence that these tools are used and loved by hundreds of retailers!

PROFITS Forecaster

  PROFITS Forecaster with built-in Trend Tracker 

Great for Start-Up Retailers and Small Retailers

more info • click here 



PROFITS and CASH Forecaster

Integrated Profits, Inventory & Cash Forecaster combo

perfect for Small Retailers and Growing/Expanding Retailers

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All the training and tools you'll need to grow your retail profit-ability.

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