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☞ You'll need profits.
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☞ You'll need profits, too.
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Any profits in store?

No need to guess. 

Use the PROFITS Forecaster/Trend Tracker. 

It's a retailer-friendly, profit forecasting tool, online, on-demand, 24/7.  

Plus all the how-to info and training about retail profits you'll need. 

"Will we have a profit?" 

Now any retailer, anywhere, can find out for yourself. In advance. On your own.

Start now to grow your own Retail Profit-ABILITY!  

Just pennies a day for unlimited access 

Retail Profits by Retail Segment

So, how profitable are other retailers?

Here are Pre-Tax Profits as a percent of total retail sales for the average performers in each of over 50 retail and restaurant segments.  Use the dropdown menu to find your segment. How does your business compare?

PROFITS Forecaster

  PROFITS Forecaster with built-in Trend Tracker 

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Easy & fast for retailers

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All the training and tools you'll need 

Grow your own retail profit-ABILITY! 

What's the best way to improve profits? 

  • Accountants might say, "Raise margins and cut costs!"  
  • Your vendors might encourage you to "Grow top line sales!"  

Here at SmallBizRetailer, our answer is, "That depends!"  

We understand, just like you do, that there is no one right answer, no one magic solution. But there IS a way for you to answer that for your own business, on your own.

It's a constant process of Plan • Monitor • Adjust. 

That's what we have built it into this Retailer's PROFITS Center. All the tools and training you'll need to grow your own retail profit-ABILITY!

Our pledge: "Everybody can 'get it!'" And every day, retailers around the world are proving that for themselves. 

Practical How-To Info & Resources

The Retailer's PROFITS Center includes unlimited access to the PROFITS Forecaster & Trend Tracker, a time-saving online profit-planning calculator for retailers

Plus, empowering How-To Profit Resources. 

All backed by our pledge that "Everyone can 'get it!'" 

See for yourself why the PROFITS Center is used and loved by retailers worldwide!