Retailers PROFITS Center

III. Growing/Expanding Retailer? (You'll surely need profits!)



Want to relieve stress? Resolve uncertainty? Of course you do!

That's why we've built this Retailer's PROFITS Center. We want to empower every retailer to "Turn on your financial headlights!" 

Because we know that any retailer who can see ahead will make appropriate adjustments. 

And now, any – and every! – retailer can do that, all on your own.

This remarkable online calculator – the SPEEDY Profits & Cash Forecaster – makes quick work of knowing in advance the answers to these 3 crucial questions for retailers: 

How much profit? 

How much inventory? 

How much cash?

Which Way Will You Choose to Grow?

Considering additional locations? 

Testing a new retail concept? 

Launching a robust e-commerce site? 

Or...? Or...?

Any of these approaches to growth demands that you develop your plans, explore real estate or web hosting opportunities, evaluate systems, identify mid-management talent, line up financing, and so on.

But wait!

Before you get too far down the road on expanding, you first must decide on your fundamental growth strategy

The Four (Only!) Ways That Retailers Grow

How Much Change?

There is one other factor to keep in mind: how much change does each growth mode require of your organization? 

Each of these Growth Modes demands different amounts of changes.

And therefore, different levels of stress.

Remember, change = "stress". Even "good change" involves added stress. 

No matter which way you choose to grow, all of your resources - financial capital, and especially human capital – will be impacted.

Indeed, even trying to make as few changes as possible still involves stress!

Why Does It Matter?

Knowing which way you intend to grow, or, recognizing which Growth Mode you are in when in the midst of a growth spurt, gives you the greatest opportunity to exercise leadership and apply controls.

Or, in other words, the best opportunity to choose your own future!

All the resources and tools you'll need

to grow your retail profit-ability.

 Less than a dollar a day!