Retailers – Any Profits Ahead?

Ready to focus on an upcoming season? Or, just curious about the PROFITS Center special calculators for retailers? 

Whatever brings you here, welcome!  Here are some tips to help you get started with your free trial use of the Four Month PROFITS Outlook.

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Free – Four Month PROFITS Outlook

Just starting up? You'll need profits. 
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Why Expense "Buckets?" 

When projecting, it is easier to group expenses into 5 major categories, or "buckets". 

Variable expenses are a percent of sales; the monthly dollar amount rises and falls as sales fluctuate.

Fixed expenses average essentially the same dollar amount each month. 

If you've not yet set up these categories on your P&L, no problem. Just make a quick estimate so you can get started. Don't bog down; close counts! 

You always can "officially" set them up later. (For that, you also can use the SPEEDY Expense Analyzer.


Variable Expenses 

SELLING Expenses 

Examples: Store payroll, including taxes and benefits; Advertising; Website, social media; Transaction fees (e-commerce, payment processors, etc); Bags & boxes; Shipping or delivery costs; Special events; etc.


Fixed Expenses

OCCUPANCY Expenses - Fixed expense, average $ amount each month

Examples: Rent; Utilities; Maintenance; Security; CAM charges; etc.

ADMINISTRATIVE Expenses - Fixed expense, average $ amount each month

Examples: Management salaries (Owner; General Manager; Buyer) including taxes and benefits; Support staff/services (bookkeeping; IT; warehouse; marketing); Interest on borrowed money; Professional services (legal, accounting); Training; Travel; All other expenses not included elsewhere.

TAXES - Federal, State, Local taxes not included elsewhere. 

DEPRECIATION/AMORTIZATION - Fixed expense, average $ amount each month.

These are non-cash expenses, and must be kept separate in order to project the Cash Flow.


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